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From the Prez…

Hello KASZ Members and Friends of KASZ… The Summer heat is already here. Please stay cool, hydrated & safe from the  heat. Remember, KASZ is a cool place to hang out when its hot. Included in our June Newsletter, you will find the breakdown of our donation funds (Building & General). We are getting closer

Letter from the Prez..

Hello KASZ Members and Friends of KASZ…   I opened up this new year saying that the process of getting our new facilities is well on its way. This is the year. The train has pulled out the station……I also said the bottom line is to get the funding for our portion of our shovel ready

From the Prez…

HELLO KASZ MEMBERS,      Welcome July! Happy Independence Day to all! We have a great nation and as seniors we did our part to make it better. God Bless America!     A special welcome to all our new members and thank you for joining this fun, active & energized KASZ family. Your participation and talents

From the Prez..

Hello KASZ Members,Wow, it’s finally happening! This month, KASZ re-opens to its fullest with the exception of the kitchen. We will continue to practice the recommended guidance from the State & CDC. Covid cleaning supplies will be available at each event. We will ask you to sign our waiver just once and will continue to

From the Prez..

Hello KASZ Members, It saddens me to hear of the death of the KASZ past President, Carl Gilson. I succeeded Carl and he was wonderful to help me take on this job. He was active not only with KASZ but in many other community groups. Our deepest sympathy to Peggy and family. Now on to

From the Prez (4/1)

     If I did not receive over 100 calls or texts since I last wrote you asking about when we will open, I would be lying. Finally, after over a year I can safely say our Board has decided to begin opening our facilities in stages. In the middle of April, we will open up our advanced

From the Prez 3/1/2021

Hello everyone, welcome March.      I hope everyone survived the frozen Valentine heart spectacle. I hope this March doesn’t give us any more of that madness.     By now, most of us should have had their first Covid shot if they’re willing to take it. Don’t give up -the second shots are becoming more and more available.

From the Prez 10/1/2020

From the Prez, Blessings to all of our members. Finally, the cool weather and now the holiday rush begins ….or so it use to. By now, our Board would have been finalizing all of our end of year events ….The Parade , Halloween Party, Veterans Day Ceremony, our (standing room only) KofC Thanksgiving Lunch, our

From Prez (8/18/2020)

From the Prez,      Hello KASZ! I pray all are well and staying safe. By now we probably hate this new “normal” and are dreaming when it will end. Just remember we are all in the same boat…….      I have heard of no members with the virus, so that has to be good news.

News and Prez Letter (8/1/20)

LET US KNOW…KASZ would like to start hosting activities virtually and we would like to know your interests. Please take time to email us your feedback on what activities you would participate in and your suggestions are welcomed as well.– Arts & Crafts: You will be given a list of items and where you can buy them