From the Prez (4/1)

     If I did not receive over 100 calls or texts since I last wrote you asking about when we will open, I would be lying. Finally, after over a year I can safely say our Board has decided to begin opening our facilities in stages. In the middle of April, we will open up our advanced line dancing for a limited amount of people. We also will open up card playing in a controlled fashion. In May, we will begin our Tuesday Game and Lunch Program, as well as, a Jam session and a Dance.
     Somethings will change. For instance, we will not open the kitchen, but we will bring in prepared meals and our cost of the meal will go from $3 to $4. We will also ask all entering members to sign a waiver and wear masks while walking about. We will limit table seating and the amount of people entering. While seated as for playing cards or socializing or eating we will not require a mask. While dancing we will not require a mask. But up and about you will need to wear a mask. We will sanitize between each event.    
Please bear with us as we take these baby steps to ensure everyone’s safety. Our Board is not professionally trained in all the precautions, but we are learning as much as we can.
I hope you have enjoyed the grab-n- go lunches and we will do another one on the second Tuesday of April. These of course will be free. Sign-up will be required and slots are limited.
We have some open positions on the Board and again we are appealing to our members to step up and help us out. When we are retired, we realize there’s not a lot of commitment like when we were younger. However, we are a corporation and we need our positions filled.
Finally, I would like to wish you a blessed Easter and God’s blessings and love & care to all of you. It’s been a heck of a year and we want to make up for our loss with a new outlook that would be meaningful and fun for all.

Larry Simone

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