OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To minister to all senior citizens of the Kyle area for their social health and general welfare needs.

KASZ is organized as a nonprofit organization (IRS Code 501c3).
The objectives and purposes are to provide support and encouragement to seniors 50 years and older who would benefit through our organization with meetings, events, education, and recreation.
Inform, educate and assist senior citizens on issues and matters that affect their, education, quality of life and general welfare.
Work and interact with government agencies, elected officials, social and civic organizations, businesses and other entities to improve, promote, and advocate for the general welfare of senior citizens.
~KASZ meets in the Adell Hurst Room at the Krug Activity Center~

Activities, Events & More!

Did you know KASZ hosts Luncheons every Tuesday? We even have a monthly menu available to print out. KASZ also has a variety of programs, activities, socials and so much more happening every month! Keep up to date by downloading & printing out this Month's Calendar. Come check us out!

Join Today!

KASZ is a place to make friends, enjoy meals together, learn new skills, take trips together and participate in volunteer & job opportunities in the community. Our seniors have provided encouragement and support for each other, as well as their families.

Plans to GROW!

Seniors in all cities need a place to go. The City of Kyle loaned the renovated old city hall for KASZ to call home. We are quickly outgrowing the facilities and a new facility is in the plans. KASZ is setting plans to GROW! Join us and stay tuned.