From the Prez 3/1/2021

Hello everyone, welcome March. 
     I hope everyone survived the frozen Valentine heart spectacle. I hope this March doesn’t give us any more of that madness.
     By now, most of us should have had their first Covid shot if they’re willing to take it. Don’t give up -the second shots are becoming more and more available. If you can’t get online to get an appointment, I found out by just going to a facility and pleading with them that they have openings.  
     We finally had our first Grab-n-Go curbside lunch for our members. It was a huge success and it was wonderful to see so many members. We know you all are tired of being boxed into your homes and apartments and we can sympathize with you. Our Board has voted to do a Grab-n-Go for each and every holiday this coming year. We are planning to do one for St. Patrick’s Day. We will be announcing the details in a separate email. We know from our last Grab-n-Go that there were more people that wanted to sign-up, but could not. We will have 65 meals available for members only for this March’s Grab-n-Go.
     We are still in need of a Secretary and Program Entertainment Coordinator (PEC). I know as we get older we don’t want to volunteer for things, because we’ve “been there done that”, but please rethink about it. We need you and during our low volume of programs, it’s a good time to take these positions. 
     We had our required annual audit for our financial records and all were in order. I want to specially thank our Treasurer, Kathy Carpenter, who just took over the job from the previous Treasurer and for putting all this together between the year. Also, would like to thank Ray Conley for being one of the auditors and for Doris Kushner a friend of KASZ, a financial professional with non-profits. 
    We are getting very close to seeing the first rendition of our building on the property. I plan to brief the City on where we are with our future building. When it’s all said and done it will all be about money. We will try everything we can to raise money through foundations, sponsors, grants, and individual donors.
     I recently sat with the City Manager and he is very excited in KASZ’s plans and looking forward to see more to come. He made a great suggestion that perhaps the County of Hays could step in and fund and build the facility. Cities don’t typically have extra money for senior centers without creating a bond. Counties typically have more money for programs such as this. In a way, it could be a partnership where the City gives the land to the County and the County operates and builds the center for us. We will always keep you posted. If you can’t do anything else, please offer some prayers for our Building Committee team that they could be strong enough, wise enough, and determined enough to see Adell Hurst’s dream grow.
     We wish our best to Don Crowe, one of our senior charter members, who has had some surgery, but is doing well. We also wish our members who are suffering with the effects of Covid well and we will keep them in our prayers.
     Once enough of our seniors get both vaccinations, the Board will see how we can begin some type of limited control programs going back into our building. I will always keep you posted.
     Be sure to call, text, visit, email, or drive by and wave to our members. We all need each other more than anything else at this time. But we will get through this.

Larry Simone

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