From the Prez 10/1/2020

From the Prez,
Blessings to all of our members. Finally, the cool weather and now the holiday rush begins ….or so it use to. By now, our Board would have been finalizing all of our end of year events ….The Parade , Halloween Party, Veterans Day Ceremony, our (standing room only) KofC Thanksgiving Lunch, our beautiful Christmas Holiday Meal/Dance and finally our “Noon” Year’s Eve Party …..but looks like none will happen this year as we yield on the side of caution. But, for us long time members, we sure can savor the past years and good times with last-memories.
You may be hearing that the City is opening up some offices and facilities, but we still want to hold off.
I get so many calls that you are all itching to just play cards or see friends again. I promise I will work close with the Board to open as soon as we can. We all want to be together again, but at the same time staying safe and healthy. Meanwhile, Check out our upcoming virtual activities.
One thing that will not be cancelled is the National Election. We all know seniors are consistent voters, so please take advantage of this Covid down-time to really understand this coming election. Attached to this email you will find a sample ballot for our local Hays County….plz take time this election to walk in or mail in your ballot and really know the candidates and resolutions.  It really matters. Then say a special prayer for our great nation. 
     As October taps at our door, I want to proudly congratulate Pauline (Mary) and Don Crowe as they reach the milestone of 70 years of marriage together. Both are KASZ Charter members and a great example of love for all. They elected not to have a celebration in the Krug Activity Center in the interest of health and safety….but we won’t forget them and once all is safe we will make it up. Happy Anniversary Pauline and Don …. your KASZ family loves you. 

Please call, text, email or drive-by showing our members to you care.
God bless you all and have a blessed rest of the month,
Team KASZ Larry

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