From the Vice-President 9/2020

September is here, school is back (kind of sort of), and Fall is just around the corner. The Board is continually to work hard and make inform decisions via Zoom Board Meetings for our members. I encourage you to make any suggestions or comments to a board member or to email to and we will answer you to the best of our ability.

Traditionally, we would be celebrating Labor Day at our Tuesday Lunch, but due to Covid-19 things have changed.  Covid-19 affects everyone of us in different ways and there is no exception. Because we are seniors and the most vulnerable group for contacting the virus, we have to take extra Health Precautions to stem the tide of infection. Unfortunately, we are still unable to open KASZ at this time, but we are diligently working with the City and keeping tabs on the progress to re-open.

Meanwhile, Dawn (our Communication Chair) is looking on taking us virtual with classes to learn about Zoom, games and DIY programs.  Please be patient, as she reaches out to members for help.

Please, continue to stay in touch with each other by phone, email, or other social media platforms. Reach out to others who may be lonely and feeling lost due to Covid-19. And if you can, we would appreciate that you go online and fill out our survey as we continue to work for our new Senior Community building. We need your valuable input.

Be Healthy and Stay Safe.
God bless you all and have a blessed month,

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