Letter from the Prez..

Hello KASZ Members and Friends of KASZ…
   I opened up this new year saying that the process of getting our new facilities is well on its way. This is the year. The train has pulled out the station……I also said the bottom line is to get the funding for our portion of our shovel ready documents and it has begun. We had an anonymous donor and some businesses contribute so far and we are so thankful. Our new donation box even saw a $100 bill.  
As you know we are working close with this City and County to reach our building goal. Vanessa, our Program and Entertainment Coordinator, has previous experience in fund raising and she plans to have a dedicated theme fundraiser each month. Elvis was our kickoff and we want to especially thank Dennis and Susan Hall for their time and talent.  What a great time for all. If members have ideas for fundraisers, please share your experience and ideas. 
Remember to show up at our many events and support us. We have started our scripture reflection activity and want to thank all who came and conducted the classes. We are excited about the Hays County Food Bank providing cooking classes & a senior nutritional program for the next 5 months. We celebrated MLK Day with partnership of the Kyle Public Library. Thank you to Councilman, Dex Ellison, for helping with set-up. It was inspiring to see the community enjoy cake, watch a documentary and come together on this important day.
  Please spread the word about KASZ and what we are trying to do to become a great facility for the active seniors and community. This Senior and Community facility can bridge generations and bring a much-needed service to Kyle and the surrounding area.
Please remember to thank the facilitators, volunteers & board members- they give a great deal of their time, talent and treasures.  

Happy Valentine’s Day,

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