From the Prez..

Hello KASZ Members,
Wow, it’s finally happening! This month, KASZ re-opens to its fullest with the exception of the kitchen. We will continue to practice the recommended guidance from the State & CDC. Covid cleaning supplies will be available at each event. We will ask you to sign our waiver just once and will continue to take temperatures at the door. Our soft-opening in May taught us many things to be aware of and to do. 

First, we have learned that some members have not yet received their vaccination, some are unable to receive a vaccination and some plan not to get vaccinated. We can’t force anyone to get the vaccination, so we all have to do our part to practice healthy habits in preventing the virus (i.e., wash hands, refrain from coming to programs when sick, and etc.). 

Second, the City is under a State mandate to control energy cost. The thermostats are inaccessible to us, which means the temperature is pre-set and cannot be changed. During May activities, we learned many were cold & asked that we warm it up, but we can’t, so please bring a sweeter or jacket to stay warm. Other members have been too hot. We are doing our best to keep the building as cool as possible with fans and closing the blinds…please bring cold drinks to stay cool. The A/C was not the only thing changed due to the energy cut. The light switches are on motion sensors and we have no dimmer capabilities. The changes are out of KASZ’s control. 

Lastly, the City is still planning to renovate the park and start construction on the new building on S. Burleson. Once the park is fenced for construction, the KASZ building entrance will be the doors facing Burleson. With the construction comes parking issues, so please plan ahead.

Tuesday lunches are back! Our lunches will be brought in since we won’t use the kitchen. When we purchase outside meals the timing is essential for delivery, so we ask that on Tuesday’s we show up at 11:30a so we can make announcements and serve exactly at 12:00p. We ask that you are respectful during announcements and keep conversations to a minimum. Meals will be $4.00. Dig out your badges and, please wear them, especially for our lunches. For our new members your badges will be coming soon.

You will also see some new and exciting programs and entertainment coming up. See below for details. I ask that you support all that we present.  It takes a lot of work to get these organized and all we ask is your support. 

I want to give our board of directors: Betty, Kathy, Dawn, Ellen, Cynthia and Olivia a special shout out as they never stopped working during the past year and we
all grew closer.
Let’s keep in prayers those who are ill and those who lost family members and continue to grieve.  We especially need each other as we grow younger.  

If you are able, please visit our new conference & planning room upstairs.  

Thank you 

P.S. I have had many ask about a possible Coushatta Casino trip and I asked Shirley to look into it. Shirley will make some inquires if a trip is possible however, will not be able to run the trips anymore. She is willing and would love to coach someone to become the new Coushatta Trip Facilitator. If you are interested, please let a Board member know.

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