Prez Letter (7/28/19)

Hello KASZ…. Hope you all enjoyed the cool weather.

Here is an update. We recently met with some Council Members and City Staff to discuss our future venture with them about our dream of a new Senior Center.  It was a good meeting and a first step to understand where we want to go from here. We will keep you posted as we continue planning.

In keeping with our September election theme from last week, I stated that all board positions are open and some board members have expressed interest to stay on and they hope to be re-elected.

Our new By-Laws reorganized the Board to have 4 Executive Members and 5 Members-at-Large.  Additionally, we have 3 Auxiliary Members who serve in a support capacity and do not have to attend meetings or vote. They report to the President directly. This week, I would like to focus on 2 out of the 3 Auxiliary Board Members positions. The two I want to focus on this week are the Greeter position and the Culinary.  Today, these positions are held by Henry and Jeanette respectively. Both Henry and Jeanette said they both will “retire” in September.  These positions will nearly be impossible to fill, especially since they put their heart and soul into at all times.

The Greeter commits most of the day Tuesday to set-up, assist the kitchen, welcome guests, collect lunch money, tear down and clean up.

The Culinary Member serves as the Lead Chef once a week to plan, shop, prep, cook and serve food for up to 80 people a week.

Both positions have been held for over 6 years.  Henry and Jeanette say they will certainly be happy to teach and assist their replacements.  These are the only Board positions that also receive a small stipend (in the form of Tips) for their efforts.

So, if you love people or love cooking food, these may be the positions for you.

Please seriously consider.


Stay Cool… Cooler…Coolest,


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