Prez Letter (7/21/19)

As I stated a few times before, our new By-Laws allocate for an open election for all board positions. 

I know how challenging and frustrating it can be to have members volunteer to accept a Board position. So, I am hoping that by providing a sense of what the Board positions will be, during the next few weeks, this will help bring a better understanding of the position and motivate members to volunteer.

I would like to bring attention to the newest formed Member-at-Large positions: 

Ambassador Member-a-Large…. this position was created in a fashion to help KASZ grow in the future. The important part of this position is to have a person who can represent KASZ at various levels so as to promote our cause and especially help us with donors and corporate givers. In a snapshot, this would be our motivational person.

Strategic Planning Member-at-Large…. is a person who will continually provide direction in guiding KASZ into the future. This person should possess experience in organizational structure and in futuristic ideas.

We hope you will consider one of these positions. The amount of time that each position takes really depends on the growth our corporation and the direction that it is going. The success of any Board position depends on your personal commitment and the ability of being a team player.

Lastly, we have some members who are experienced in Home Care for your loved ones. Let me know of anyone who has such a need.

Stay Cool… Cooler…Coolest

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