Prez Letter (8/4/19)

From the Prez

As we continue our journey with our planning for our future facility, we need membership input. The board has visited many senior life style centers and have many ideas, but the combination of what we as a board have seen and what the members want is the only way it will work out best.

So, this Tuesday, we will have our first “Town Hall” meeting to seek out your input.  Please give us a little bit of your time after lunch to have you participate in the “Town Hall” meeting. Right after dessert, we will re-position our chairs in front of the screen and conduct the meeting.

Our “Town Hall” meeting will be conducted by Steve Butler, an experienced Architect/Engineer, who has been consulting with us.  Steve has built over 100 schools in his 35 years and is very experienced in conducting such a process.

So, come Tuesday hungry and plan to stay a few minutes longer to give your input or at least be aware of what the possible future looks like for KASZ.  Afterwards, there will be a drawing following Steve’s presentation and you may be the lucky winner.

I would like to thank Board Member Ellen Ermis, who graciously took part in an 8-week Master’s Program Class at TSU.  The class was called “Program for Active Older Adults”.  I attended the class on briefing presentations and learned so much about the senior programs throughout Texas.  Thank you, Ellen.

Finally, I am receiving so many compliments on our KASZ Web page and Facebook and all this goes to Dawn Conley, who unselfishly gives of her time and talent to make this magic happen…. Thank you, Dawn


Stay cool, cooler, coolest


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