Prez Letter (2/15/20)

Hello KASZ Members,
I want to thank many of the members and friends who have been reaching out to me. Barb has been gone two months now and I’m sure it will get easier someday.  I appreciate all the counseling and coaching I’m getting. The hugs really help. ….
As a tribute to Barbara, I would like to present to the members on a forthcoming Tuesday luncheon a list of lessons learned that I have experienced in Barbara‘s passing. I will present lessons learned and give you each a hand check list / handout on things that will help you and your children get prepared for your final days.
KASZ will soon be offering some new programs in the future. I always believe that is important to have a spiritual program within our organization. So, with the help of our program director Dawn and our sisters who have been so gracious at our luncheons as well as a new retired minister we will have very shortly a Bible program starting. You’ll also be seeing bingo, an indoor garage sale, a pancake fundraiser and Seniors Workshop and other programs coming. 
We are looking for someone to take charge of a culinary as Jeanette is getting ready to retire. Let us know if you have Culinary experience and would be interested. I am always amazed at the new members coming in and with the talent they have from their prior working life. We can always use your talent and help.
We are partnering with the Kyle Rotary club to sponsor KASZ got talent. Please plan on attending will be Sunday evenings at 6 PM. As always thank you for being members and please get involved.

Thank You,

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