President’s Letter (1/27/20)

Hello KASZ Members,

    This year will be a bigger and busier year for KASZ members and the Board. I hope you will approach this new year with a new sense to volunteer.

    Research shows that participating in meaningful volunteering activities promotes emotional and mental well-being. A study reported by the Journal of aging and health, found that volunteers had lower blood pressure than non-volunteers. Look for some new programs coming to KASZ this year and please support them.

    We continue to see new members. Some are new to Kyle. Please reach out to them and pass on what you know about life in Kyle.  Be sure to welcome them and encourage them to get involved. 

   With the loss of my beloved Barbara I want to thank you all for the concern and love showed to me. I can feel it and it’s very helpful in these dark days. I have learned many things in handling this situation and soon will be giving you a short presentation to help you in your final planning. Simple planning tips and lessons learned. I’m sure it will be helpful for many others. 

Thank You,
    Team KASZ

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