Prez Letter (7/7/19)

Hello July…where did June go? Anyone see it?                   

Thank you for all the patriotic participation last Tuesday. The decorations, the music video, the singing, the cake, the food and the colorful clothing were awesome.

One new member stopped me that day and said our patriotic luncheon made her feel proud to be American and that we need to this to remind us how Proud we are to live in the country and to bond with each other.

Thank you all!

Good news…we formed our building committee headed by Ellen – if you have past talent in project planning, construction or engineering let her know. We always want to have our members support.

Finally, our fiscal year end Oct. and the board has a lot of business to attend to. We have to finalize the 2020 budget, finished our new duties description, and get the election process going. With the adoption of our new bylaws in April with the new board positions we will be electing all positions

If there are any members with any desire to get in the new first-ever-positions- be on the lookout for the election/nomination committee to approach you. The whole month of August will be our nomination month. We will have the election in September.

Thank you,


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