Prez Letter (7/14/19)

Our building has a new look! The City recently approved funding to make the necessary repairs to our Historic Building at the last city council meeting. Most will be exterior work and should not interrupt us much.   ` They also approved for both sets of the entrance doors to be finally marked as the “The Krug Activity Center.”  The glass etching looks great…  It’s long overdue…so many seniors come up to the building asking what the name of the building is and if it’s the Senior Center….For our new members the building was recently re-named after Pete Krug, a former Kyle Mayor and an early and active KAZE member, and of course our former KASZ president Penny’s late husband. I caught Penny coming into the building for lunch Tuesday and she was beaming…..

I’m also hearing that at the next city council board meeting on 16 July they will propose to name the ballroom within our building after our KASZ founder Adell Hurst…..Thank you city for not forgetting our seniors…past and present.

Finally, I want to encourage our members to support the various KASZ programs we have and are growing.  Especially attend the Senior Series with its various senior relevant subjects….and of course all FREE….Bring a neighbor too.  We want our seniors aware and in tune to senior subjects. 

And one last thing, if you have a desire to get on the board and serve we will have elections in September for all board positions which include 2 new positions. Ambassador and Strategic Planner.

TEAM KASZ        
Stay Safe, Safer, SAFEST…      

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