From the Prez…

Hello KASZ Members,

     Seems the talk of the world is on the Corona Virus. As a group organization we have to play our part to do what we can to protect our members especially the elderly and with medical conditions. KASZ will be suspending all activities for the month of March. Senior Safety First.

     We have had more meetings with the city and staff about our future. They understand our plight for a state-of-the-art new facility and they now will attend our monthly building meetings. We will soon launch an All-Kyle Senior Town Hall meeting. Stay tune.

     So glad to see our first ever bible session kick-off. So blessed to have Pastor Tom. Also, thanks to dance instructor, Mingo, to introduce our Tejano Dance Class. Get ready for the Rummage Sale in April. Should be some good sales. 

     We are looking for chef to replace Jeanette and a replacement for Dawn’s position as the Programs & Entertainment Coordinator. Dawn will take over Communications. A big, “thank you,” to Therese as she passed the treasurer’s baton to Kathy Carpenter, a new member with lots of financial experience. Thank you, Kathy, for saying, “Yes.”

     Welcome to the new members. They come with so much talent. It’s exciting to have you.


Larry, President

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