President’s Letter (1/7/20)

Hello KASZ Members,

     I hope you are having a good New Year. As for me, I am hoping for a good New Year and that last year’s bad memories will be replaced with new ones. With the loss of my beloved Barbara, I have decided to stay on as your president because I am sure this is something, she would have wanted me to continue to do.

     I am sorry that we have not had a consistent newsletter, especially for the new members. As you may know, our Communication Chairman (Doris) had some medical issues that prevented her from getting the Newsletter out at times. Some members have stepped up to help Doris and you will soon will have the newsletter coming to you again. Please bear with us. Like all organizations, a New Year can bring new and exciting things and this year we will be bringing some New Programs and also present KASZ II.

     I am so amazed to see the new and talented members coming in. They have time and talent to give us. As we get older, we all need each other; so please get involved, meet our members, and let’s all grow old together in fun and love.

Happy New Year and Decade, 

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