Prez Letter (10/6/19)

From The Prez:
Hello October….come on cold weather.

I want to thank our VP Betty for running our lunch last week. She did a great job. Also keeping things in line during my absence.                                                                                                                           

October will be a busy month at KASZ and our city. Make sure you get a copy if October’s “A glance Card”    (They have been available at the luncheon)                                     

Our Kyle’s Founder’s Day Parade us 2 Saturdays away. We will need decorators and especially need members to sit in the trailer or walk with our float. The committee is doing a heck of a job and have a few cool surprises. PLEASE HELP US!

Our Tuesday lunch BEFORE Halloween will be a wear-a-costume and bring your favorite Halloween treats to share. (There will be prizes for costumes)

Remember we have Sister Missionaries who can help and offer spiritual assistance. (And thank you to them with helping with the luncheons)                                                                                                                       

Last chance to sign up for your flu shot with KASZ this Tuesday. (If we do not have enough signed up they will not come out.) It \’s the flu season so let’s get ready and do our best to stay healthy.                           


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