Prez Letter (8/24/19)

From the Prez,

The month of September will be approaching in a couple of weeks which means the Fall season is coming too. Our next holiday is Labor Day. I always think of this holiday as a day off from work and that’s it. 

But now that most of us are not working for pay anymore, I would like to see us do something that hardly is remembered on this day – and that is “how did we Labor?” 

As I’m reaching my 1 yr. Anniversary as the KASZ president, I really enjoyed the people aspect of the position. Particularly, I enjoyed learning about what members did in their working years.  I always said, “it’s too bad we never share our past with our members”. 

Well at our Labor Day luncheon in 2 weeks, on Sept 3rd we are giving our members just that chance….
We are asking members to come to the lunch with one or all of the following things:

  • Dress up in the “uniform” you worked in or best reflects your occupation.  
  • Bring a picture of you at work that shows who or what you were.  
  • Lastly, bring an object that pertains to your career.  If you received a special award, bring that too. 

I know many will say they want to be far away from their past work as possible…. but you will be surprised as to how others would love to share. Dig through you “stuff “and get ready for Sept 3rd. We will offer a prize for one of the participants. 

Finally, this Tuesday August 27th our city manager Scott Sellers will address our lunch group.  Hope you can make it. 

Thank you,                               


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