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The Kyle Area Senior Zone, Inc. (KASZ) was formed in February 2006 to afford a variety of social, educational, health and recreational activities to the senior residents of the Kyle area. KASZ members meet on a regular basis to share meals, entertainment, educational opportunities and other social and health related events. These activities promote the positive aspects of aging for seniors, their families and the community. KASZ has become an integral part of the Kyle area community, a place to make friends, form relationships with other seniors, enjoy meals together, learn new skills, take trips together and afford volunteer and job opportunities in this environment. The seniors have provided encouragement and support for each other, as well as their families.

Membership is open to all people 50 years and older living in the city of Kyle & Hays County without regard to race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. Visit our Membership Page to learn more about how to become a member and join this active community center!

Board of Directors

President: Larry Simone
Vice President: Betty Conley
Secretary: Darla Damron
Treasurer: Theresa Ferguson
Membership-Communications-Historian: Doris Breslar
Programs/Entertainment Coordinator: Connie Gonzales
Grants/Attendance: Ellen Ermis
Ambassador: Edwin Winn
Strategic Planning: Vacant

Auxiliary Board/Committees

Greeter: Henry Duran
Culinary: Jeanette Bunton
Chaplin: Ken Passno
Nominating Committee Chairperson: